Event Overview

Event Overview

Event Name

Chura Shima Okinawa Century Run 2017

Date and Time

Reception / Events 14th January 2017 (Saturday) 13:00 ~ 19:00
*please check-in and receive your race bib number during above time.

Main Event Day

15th January 2017 (Sunday) 5:30 ~ 18:00
(No Postponement for rain, Canceled if stormy)

Route Location

Onna Village, Nago City, Uruma City, Nakijin Village, Motobu Town, Ginoza Village, Kin Town, Yomitan Village, Kadena Town


Chura Shima OKINAWA Century Run Executive Committee


Century Course 1000 participants Seaside Course 1000 participants Welcome Course 1000 participants

Entry Period

1st September (Thu) ~30th November (Wed), 2016


Access Map


Onna Village Community Center


419-3 Onna, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa


Taxi / Rent-a-Car
By non-toll roads
Travel north on Route 58(About 50km)
By the Okinawa Expressway
Naha IC ~Yaka IC(About 70 minutes)

Parking Lot
Akama Sports Park
7441 Onna, Onna Village, Kunigami, Okinawa
To the Event Venue
Travel north on Route 58(Toward to Onna Village Office/About 4.7km)
15 minutes by bicycle.

Airport Limousine Bus
TEL 098-869-3301
Naha Airport Domestic / International Terminal -> ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resort
(About 100 minutes)




Reception / Events(13:00~19:00)
Venue:Onna Village Community Center

13:00~16:00 Test Ride Evet

Check-In(Distribute race bib number etc.)


Main Event Day(5:30~22:00)
Start:Onna Village Community Center


Century Course Race Confirmation ~ Call


Century Course Starting Ceremony


Century Course Start


Seaside Course Race Confirmation ~ Call


Seaside Course Start


Welcome Course Race Confirmation ~ Call


Welcome Course Start


Welcome Course GATE CLOSE

After Party Start


Century Course GATE CLOSE

Seaside Course GATE CLOSE


After Party Close

The after party which can be used "The Chura Shima Discount Coupon"
will be held at goal venue in this year.

Entry Free

Entry Fee


Special Offer

Special Offer

Test Ride Event by famous bicycle brands
Don't miss chance to ride latest model bicycle on the reception day !

Lucky Draw
You may have chance to get special prize !

Local Stalls Market
1: We will hold the market where will sell the products of Okinawa.
2: After you goal, we will give you "Finish Award" and "The Chura Shima Discount Coupon".
3: If you use to "The Chura Shima Discount Coupon" at the market, you could buy the Okinawan foods more cheaply.

Event Original T-shirts as prize for participation for everyone!


Pargicipant Eligibility

Century Course / 160km

Healthy men & women from 10th grade or higher

Seaside Course / 100km

Healthy men & women from 7th grade or higher

Welcome Course / 50km

Healthy men & women aged 10 years and over
※A guardian is required to accompany any elementary school kid.

Those who have running ability to finish the course within a given time limit
Those who can adhere to event regulations / traffic rules
Those who have accepted the terms of participation

Race Teams and Conditions

Race Teams and Conditions

<Race Regulations>

1. While cycling through the race course, observe the Highway Code at all times unless instructed otherwise by police officers. For example, stop at red lights and stop signs, keep to the left, cycling side by side is prohibited (please cycle in one line), turn the lights on early in the morning and when going through tunnels, and any dangerous maneuvers that could cause traffic accidents are prohibited.

2. During the race, follow instructions given by police officers and tournament officials.

3. Participate in the race using bicycles that can run on public roads; this includes small-wheeled and recumbent bicycles. Use a helmet at all times. Fit your bicycle with headlights, rear lights and reflectors, and always turn the lights on early in the morning and when going through tunnels.

4. Participants racing in lead positions must not overtake the pacesetter. Also, it is prohibited for others to accompany participants by driving a vehicle.

5. If you need to retire from the race for any reason, you must notify one of the race officials and follow their instructions.

6. Minors are required to obtain prior consent from a parent or guardian before entering the race.

7. If a traffic accident were to occur between participants or involving general vehicles, you must notify the race officials and organizers, and follow their instructions.

*If you were to act against the rules stipulated above, showing disregard for the warnings issued by the race officials, we may be forced to cancel your participation in the race.

Entry Period

Entry Period

1st September (Thu) ~ 30th November (Wed), 2016
*Registration for each course closes upon reaching the maximum.

*You cannot change your course after application. Also, please note that we cannot refund any application or entry fees for any cancellations or when the event is cancelled due to natural disasters or any other reasons.

*We will send the ID CARD of registration for your race bib number and information to your email about 3 weeks before the event.

*We will give the Century Run Original T-shirts (Prize for participation) when you receive your race bib number on reception day (14th Jan).

Individual Entry

Individual Entry

Team de Entry

Team de Entry

Campaign Condition

Ten or more participants as a team.
*Nine or under registration will be treated as just group entry, not campaign.

Entry Period

1st September (Thu) ~ 30th November (Wed), 2016

Special Offer

We will give a present “The team original T-shirt” to your team member.
*The T-shirts order will be acceptable only for the same number of team members.

Please apply for "Team de Entry" campaign at the same time when you register during entry period.
Once registered as individual entry, it can't be accepted for any reason to change "Team de Entry" campaign.
After registration, it is prohibited to changing members neither addition nor cancel.

Apply / Payment

Please register from the entry page as below by team representative with all members information (By credit card)

Original Design for Team de Entry T-shirts

Coming soon!

How to order and receive the Team de Entry T-shirts

1. After applying via JTB Sports Station, the event head office will send email to the representative of the team.
2. We will give the T-shirts to the representative of team when check-in on the reception day (14th Jan).

Note:The participation who live in US military base in Okinawa might be different to get the "Team de Entry T-shirts".